What Fires You Up?

What Fires You Up?

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Still here, still into photography, still on flickr.com at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cobalt


Getting down with macro photography and color magic. See a new set I am working on here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cobalt/sets/72157623375641931/


FINALLY I got word from blogspot/blogger/gmail that I can regain access to three blogs, woohoo! Look for new posts coming after a long delay. Only my flickr images have been updating for months and yea, even years...


Still here, still taking photos


Revised Republican Morality #1

Rules for Teenagers and Sex:

1. Abstinence First

2. If Rule #1 is not followed and a teen pregnancy results:

a. A baby must be carried to term
b. The pregnant teen must marry the father
c. The family must support the couple

3. If Rule #2 is followed with all three conditions met, then these following
exclusions may apply:

a. The pregnant teen cannot be FLDS (especially in Texas and Arizona)
b. Ethnicity other than Caucasian will be considered but may be excluded
c. Rape and incest may be excluded, depending on the state of residence
d. If the family is not middle income or above, may be excluded
e. Religious affiliation not Christian, may be cause for exclusion

4. If a pregnant teen meets all three conditions of Rule #2 and does not have an exclusion based on any of Rule #3 conditions, then the "public" will celebrate the pregnancy and brand-new "nuclear family".